Management Team

Umar Shaik - Director

Umar Shaik personifies our commitment to using cutting-edge technology to offer high-quality services enhancing customer satisfaction. With an experience, Umar has brought tremendous innovation and efficiency in maximizing the vision by applying a data-driven approach to collecting, integrating and analyzing marketing data, and leveraging it to improve customer acquisition and retention.

Umar holds an Engineering Degree from Anna Univercity Chennai. He has vast experience in a variety of industries such as Software Development, E-commerce, Analytics, and Big Data.

He speaks multiple languages and enjoys global cuisineis and also one of the founder of UA Logistics Services Pvt. Ltd., established in 2015.



Shaik Amar - CEO, Project Manager

Shaik.Amar, true to his name, is a dreamer, visionary and a strategist. He would do whatever it takes to translate his dreams into a reality, has graduated with a degree in Electronics in Tagore engineering college Chennai.

A people person, he inspires and nurtures people to achieve their full potential. An idealist and a tenacious individual, he believes in getting the job done and lives by his personal motto "The difficult can be done, the impossible takes a little longer". He is known for his intense curiosity and desire to learn, and has a wide range of interests.He loves travel and adventure.

Always ready for the next challenge, Amar has been responsible for establishing and growing several service lines within UA Logistics Services.



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